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Lauxmont Japanese Gardens Wedding | Emily & Connor

When Lindsey asked if I’d ever be interested in second shooting for her, I don’t even think I let a minute pass by before I responded with an overly energetic “YASS!!!”

Lindsey & I (wow is it weird typing your own name?!) met at the Caroline Logan Workshop a few falls back and we didn’t actually get a chance to chat until the end of the evening. After that, we realized that we actually had a ton in common!

  • We have the same name (duh lol)
  • We SPELL our names the same (–EY–)
  • We shoot with Nikon equipment
  • We both have orange kitties
  • We are both book nerds

…and honestly I’m sure the list goes on haha!

ANYWAYS, I hiked on up to PA for this gorgeous wedding! I didn’t know Connor & Emily at all before showing up that day, but they were so sweet and acted like they had known me all along!

I really enjoyed spending my day hanging out amongst their family and friends and celebrating!


To see a full blog post from Lindsey, read HERE!

*all images shot as second shooter for Lindsey Ford Photography*




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