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Maryland Engagement Session | Alyssa & Keith

Alyssa sent me pictures of her and Keith’s property and she had me at “the sun sets behind those trees.”

If someone would have told me 4, heck even 2, years ago that I’d be photographing Alyssa’s wedding I would of probably laughed and said no way.

I’ve known Alyssa for as long as I can remember and we consider their family an extension of ours (her dad was in my parent’s wedding), and I can even remember going to her high school graduation party. So it’s only a dream to be a part of their day!

Using the word excited for her wedding doesn’t come close to how I feel, because I know it’s going to be straight up amazing! Also, it’s at one of my favorite venues, Montagu Meadows.

So while fall makes me kinda sad because I hate winter so much, knowing all the super incredible people who are allowing me to be a part of their day this coming season makes it so much more exciting (& bearable). Keith & Alyssa had me cracking up laughing for the majority of their session and sat and walked through fields just for me. But when their backyard and fields look this good…you can’t leave without making them go stand in it! (Also, in like 2o years we will probably look back and think “why did we make people stand in fields. WHY?! lol..but it’s worth it right now!)

Enjoy some of my favorites!

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