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2018 Behind the Scenes


For the first time ever, there’s a behind the scenes post for the year! Throughout wedding days my second shooter and I are constantly taking pictures of just about everything. So, naturally we are getting pictures of each other…good and bad :). I’ve been saving these away from each wedding and now they’re finally out for the whole world to see (which is honestly a little scary!).

I don’t want to make you wait any longer, so scroll on!

I decided to get my hair done ONCE…needless to say I’ll be scheduling more appointments to get them done for wedding days this year! I can’t do anything with my hair (I know, it’s sad), so my favorite human, she’s honestly like a magician, got my hair up in this beautiful bun! It didn’t budge all day and I didn’t have to worry about looking like a hot mess 🙂

My favorite…flower girls (and ring bearers!)

“Amy whatcha got there?!”

Got to get some shots of those shoes!

Don’t mind me…I’ll reorganize your closet for you

“Okay ladies, it’s my grand entrance!!”

JK here’s the real star of the show!

We are dress fluffers, hair fixers…and whatever I’m doing here

Love this girl!

I realized looking through these that I had dirt on my pants the whole day apparently…oh well…sorry Natalie!

I live for these moments!!

Look at their faces!

Remember when peace signs and duck faces were cool? Nope? okay…

Hey Alex, whatcha got there?

The next two win my pick as favorites!

I’m pretty much one with the woods at this point…green everything!

My famous line of “look at ME, THIS camera please!!!”

May have *borrowed* my brides floral centerpiece runners…thanks Kaitlyn!


I realized a lot of these photos I weeded through are me pointing…at random things…I’m learning that I talk with my hands a lot.

“Lemme just get right on in here”

…also realized I do this pose a lot.. no idea why hahaha

“could you scoot a little…that way…thank you…please….”

Love me some Crystal!

A beautiful sunset shot…plus me lol

I photographed Brandy’s wedding the next month 🙂

I anxiously await each bride to walk down the aisle…it’s a personal favorite moment!

Brooklyn knows how to get my good side (obvi)

It was SO cold guys…

If you made it this far, thank you for making 2018 amazing! I couldn’t have done it without you and your support!

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