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2019 Behind the Scenes

2019 was an amazing year! When going back through my weddings to gather these behind the scenes photographs, I realized just how fast the year came and went. Weddings feel even more precious right now with everything that’s happening. I’m praying for a turnaround with this craziness!

For now, enjoy behind the scenes of almost all of my weddings from 2019! I even threw in some photos I snapped as a second shooter for Alex and Lindsey!

You may not be able to tell, but this wedding was in MARCH! It was about 70 something outside and the perfect day for a wedding in the Rose Garden at Antrim 1844.

I realized while going through these photos that I am much more of a hands on person and end up moving my couples all around because lets be honest, sometimes words are hard.

LOL. Alex captures my RBF perfectly at almost every wedding. I have serious case of RBF and usually it’s just that I have 100 things running through my mind and I’m lost in thought! It’s just me and I can’t change it!

As you can see, I do smile…lol 🙂

Love this girl! I knew when I met Ali and Rick at their engagement session that I’d choose them as friends if they hadn’t of chosen me as their wedding photographer! 

My facial expressions get the best of me. Also, I may have been snatching some florals for flat lay photos of details, but I did return them back to the centerpiece!

Love these shots from Alex’s wedding I was the second photographer for last May! I am LONGING for the warmth you can feel through these images and the excitement. I miss you Alex!

I end up laying on the ground for these shots most of the time.

These guys were troopers. It was SO hot and we had limited access to shade, so we rolled with the space we had. The bridal party was dying but you’d never know!

I do wear spandex/bike shorts under my dresses at every wedding, don’t worry LOL.

This is by far the most funniest little set of behind the scenes. The guys were done their portion of bridal party portraits and they apparently wanted one without shirts, which was totally fine. Alex and I were dying looking back at these photos because at that time I had NO idea what was happening behind me! I was moving as fast as possible to get the ladies portraits done.

Another one of Alex’s wedding days! Can you find her under Jessie’s dress in the black and white image?

Here you can seen Antrim 1844 in it’s full July glory! Their rose garden is seriously the prettiest.

Honestly I’m shocked that I haven’t caught on fire yet. But I do scream every time “sparkler UP and do NOT light me on FIRE!”

Second shooting with the lovely Lindsey Ford in Gettysburg!

May have asked Victoria to snap a few photos with the wild flowers after sunset portraits with the bride and groom ;).

I will find the kitties, always.

I don’t normally wear rompers to weddings, but when I say this wedding day was suffocatingly hot, please just believe me. But Nicole and Matthew’s wedding day was gorgeous!

Alex leaves me the best photos to work through!

and again…

Here Alex snagged another wonderful RBF shot of me, how kind.

I don’t remember what I was getting out of Alicia’s dress here and to the right I must be thinking out loud…with my hands lol.

Alex actually screamed at me to get out of her shot for the photo below.

Fun fact – I grew up with Alex (the groom below). He was my neighbor! It was so fun to be a part of their special day!

I graduated college with Madison (below) and we were in the same department (art!). We actually even sat next to each other at graduation! It was so great to be her wedding photographer and her vision for her wedding was perfection.

I grabbed some extra florals to take back to the hotel to shoot details the next morning. While Alex slept in I photographed her details more in depth with some gorgeous blooms!

Third wheeling at it’s finest.

Love this little sequence showing off the struggle of me talking. 

If you notice I’m wearing gloves…because it was FREEZING. Those girls were amazing for standing out in the wind and cold for as long as they did!

Guys, I ran a fever this whole wedding day. It was rough! Little did I know I had tonsillitis lol.

Last wedding of 2019! (for me! I second shot the day after this with the other Lindsey!)

Not all groomsmen are brave enough to drag me to the dance floor.

Last wedding of 2019 with Lindsey!

If you made it to the end, thank you for sticking around! I hope some of these images made you chuckle as you get to see what it looks like behind the scenes for my weddings!

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