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Maryland Portrait Session | Alexis

I really wanted to hate the snow that started falling the morning of the first day of spring… but then I got the message “free for the snow shoot?” and I quickly changed my mind!

After photographing Alexis’ senior portraits, I got her in front of my camera with her boyfriend Craig, and then one day I mentioned a snow shoot, and she was all in! But–we had to wait for the snow. After a few small snowfalls this winter we decided we’d try again next winter until spring brought the prettiest storm with her arrival.

Alexis stood outside in the soaking wet snow for well over an hour and never complained, seriously! So excited to share more of these!! (and shoutout to Alexis who froze in the snow and watched me fall like a moron a few times).

I had a terrible time narrowing it down since I got a little trigger happy during the session and took waaaay too many pictures! But, here are all of my favorites!


At the very end we decided to do a few shots of just having fun throwing the snow..and then we immediately ran inside and Alexis changed and warmed up by our little fireplace!


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