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2017 Nags Head

This past summer my family had the chance to vacation in Nags Head, North Carolina and we absolutely loved it! It was my first time there and the little (we called it a hut) place we stayed in was right over a dune so easy access to the beach! My older brother Joshua was able to come with his little family and we all crammed in together for a week.

I spent a lot of time on the beach (I mean, when you go to the beach…you have to go to the beach and that’s all I was worried about…haha). But there was also a pool right near our house, which was perfect because even though I love the beach, I’m not much of an ocean person. As in, I don’t want to go hop in the ocean to cool off, I’d much rather hop in the pool!

We only had one day of terrible weather, where it poured and stormed like crazy! The roof on our house sounded like it was going to tear off. Right before the storm started we ran up to the deck and watched the dark blue skies roll in.

We will be headed back this July and I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to stay on the beach for a whole week (mostly just to get really tan) since we usually only travel to the ocean for a 2-3 night stay.

I’m so excited for summer, it’s my absolute favorite season!

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